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Please visit Nepal.

The country of Nepal is famously know to be on top of the world. 

Visit Nepal; cities include Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Bhairawa, Birganj and Nepalganj are among many well visited cities in Nepal. The history and culture of Nepal is very unique and interesting. Topographically, Nepal enjoys mountains, valleys and plains. Many airlines find Kathmandu as destinations for tourists from different countries.

This blog came out of from my experiences. 

Since I am Nepalese by birth but have lived in the United States since 1976, I want you all to know that Nepal is a beautiful country to visit.  

There are many places to visit while you're in Nepal.  

Tourism is the main source of revenue in Napal.  

When you're in Nepal, you will not find a single day for boredom.  Sightseeing will be your main focus each and every day. 

Flights to Kathmandu come in daily, including those from India and Thailand. 

Once you have met the people of Nepal, I am certain, you will not find a dull moment.  

You can check into many travel agencies who will find guides for you.

Hotel accommodations prices vary and you can find cheap flights to fly you throughout Nepal.  



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